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 MMR toddler died after jab

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
jabsadmin Posted - 12/03/2008 : 16:20:14


3 December 2008

MMR toddler died after jab


A tot of 18 months died 10 days after having the MMR jab, an inquest heard yesterday.

Mum Sarah Fisher, 42, said she told doctors George had had febrile convulsions. She was not warned of any complications with the vaccine.

After the MMR, he had diarrhoea, a runny nose and no appetite. She found George, of Cheltenham, Glos, dead. Mrs Fisher said: "We cannot understand how our healthy son died."

An expert said it was fine for him to have the jab despite his condition. The inquest continues.
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marry bell Posted - 04/20/2010 : 20:43:49
my grandson has died he took ill after 4 wks after mmr and took siesers wright up untill he died his death was unexplaned no one has ansers bud i have mmr
SadMummy Posted - 11/24/2009 : 12:00:43
Caz, I am sorry about your loss. We also lost our son 10 days after his MMR jab in Nov 08. He was just not himself for a few days and on the Monday we called the doctor to say he had a temperature. Our doctor said that this was perfectly normal and to give him calpol to bring his temp down. We put him to bed at 7:00pm and I went to check on him at 8:30pm and he was dead.
The inquest concluded that it was from natural causes even though the only thing they found is the measles virus in his system. I have no doubt that the MMR killed our son. I am still obviously coming to terms with our loss but find myself questioning everything the NHS tell me.
Apart from my family, nobody agrees that the mmr jab had anything to do with my sons death. I think my friends think that I am a little neurotic and just need to have something to blame it on.
john.sheffuK Posted - 10/26/2009 : 15:20:38
My daughter nearly died 10 days after the MMR Jab on 14 jan 06, just a few days before George Fishers death. She had a febrile convulsion, which she did not come out of naturally. We called 999 and were taken to A&E, she respiratory arrested in A&E and thankfully was resuscitated. If this had happened in her cot at night she would have died.

18 months later my wife (a health visitor) and I asked for our son to receive separate jabs. Our GP said that our daughters near death was no reason for our son to have separate jabs. We declined the jab until our son was 3.5 yrs. Thankfully he showed no reaction.
Aasa Posted - 09/12/2009 : 23:51:05
Dear Caz,

Reading about what happened to your son truly sickened me, and made me think that there should at least be a WORLDWIDE database for recording adverse events/reactions following vaccines. Criminals can get away with all sorts of things if police in various districts/countries do not have a way of collaborating or sharing information. The same goes for adverse events/reactions after vaccines, if parents and others do not have a good method of sharing this information. In our case, unfortunately, it seems like our medical officials and governments are not too keen to help out in this matter, as they are the ones who are promoting the vaccines. What would it take to get them on board for actually looking for and recording incidences of vaccine damage, in a manner that parents can access this information and make their own "informed" decisions? Here in Canada, I can access the VAERS database in the States, but I cannot access the Canadian Vaccine Surveillance system.
I know that this does not help your family at all, and your son should not have been part of the "collateral" damage.However, if more parents had ready access to such information, they may be able to make better decisions about vaccines, so that their child will NOT be "one less", literally.

Joan Posted - 09/12/2009 : 22:09:54
So sad to hear of another child who died from the MMR. My son is still alive but lost all his language and skills and at 16 he has seizures and still no language.
Emerald Posted - 09/11/2009 : 16:53:59
I'm so sorry for your loss, Caz.
Seonaid Posted - 09/10/2009 : 17:57:47
So sorry to hear about your son caz.
You'll realise that MMR contains three live viruses? So by saying your son died because of a virus, wouldn't necessarily exonerate the vaccine.
Wanda Posted - 09/10/2009 : 17:55:37
Caz, I want to express my sincere sorrow over the loss of your little boy. Wanda
Caz Posted - 09/09/2009 : 22:50:35
When I read this story of the tragedy of George Fisher my blood ran cold.
My son Kurt died on 15/12/89 10 days after having the MMR vaccination. I had no idea this tragedy hadI happened to other families. The nurse told me to expect him to be under the weather and to get some Calpol in just incase.
I found Kurt dead in his cot on that morning. During that week he had been unwell but not so much as to make me unduly concerned. The night before he died I thought he was better, I remember him dancing to Top of The Pops in front of the telly,
This is too much of a coincidence, he was a healthy, happy lively little boy. I was told doctors are 90% certain a virus killed him but as I recall did could not link it to the MMR.
Cybertiger Posted - 12/09/2008 : 21:31:30
Originally posted by jabsadmin

Miller was the expert and she denied a connection between the MMR and this child's death, but Miller is hardly unbiased in this issue and it seems incredible that she would have ever been asked to testify. For a number of years, Miller has been a strong promoter of the safety of the MMR.

Arise Dame Elizabeth! Professor Liz Miller is certain to become a Dame before New Labour's job is done.
jabsadmin Posted - 12/09/2008 : 20:59:20

December 09, 2008

On Media: Why I Hate the British Press

By Anne Dachel

On January 19, 2006, an eighteen month old toddler named George Fisher died in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. On December 4 this year, an official inquest declared that he died of "natural causes."

Many people are asking what's natural about a child who was described as "healthy and robust" in the British press suddenly being found dead in his crib. It seems that in Britain, things like this simply can't be explained, especially if all the alarming points of evidence are considered unrelated.

What has the attention of the autism community is the fact that this toddler received an MMR vaccine just ten days before his death. Not only that, four months earlier, he had a febrile convulsion following a fever. The Daily Express (HERE) told readers, "His parents claim doctors failed to warn them about the potential side effects he faced after the injection. They say doctors did not ask them about George's medical history or warn them that he should be monitored after the vaccination."

The Gloucester Citizen (HERE) quoted a legal representative who said, "It is documented that children who have experienced a febrile convulsion should be closely monitored following their MMR vaccination as it can raise their temperature."

After receiving the MMR on January 9, George developed problems which included loss of appetite, swollen eyes, and diarrhea. The symptoms persisted and his mother had scheduled a doctor's appointment on the day he was found dead.

At the inquest, it was revealed that "his lungs and blood showed measles virus," along with an enlarged spleen, a sign "he was fending off a virus."

Furthermore, the Telegraph (HERE) said that Professor Elizabeth Miller, an immunization expert for the Heath Protection Agency, testified, "The MMR jab can cause a febrile convulsion in one child in two to three thousand." She also stated that "the febrile convulsion would be expected to occur between six and 14 days after an MMR jab."

All this seems pretty conclusive. There were very good reasons to think that the MMR had severely compromised the health of this child, leading to his death. That's not however the way things work out in the British system of justice.

Coroner Alan Crickmore, after hearing the evidence, concluded that George Fisher died of natural causes. This death has been attributed to the mysterious event known as "Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood," or SIDS in the U.S., which the coroner said was because "an unascertained disease."

It seems incredible that Crickmore could reach his conclusion based on the facts in evidence, but there's a lot more to the story.

First of all, Alan Crickmore is a lawyer, not a doctor. The BBC (HERE) announced that the Crickmore asserted that George's symptoms had emerged too soon after the jab to be related to it.

And Professor Miller may have linked the MMR and the timing to a febrile convulsion, similar to the first one George Fisher had, but she disagreed that this could have caused his death. Miller stated, 'Fatal outcomes associated with MMR vaccination as a result of febrile convulsion have not to my knowledge been reported.'

Miller was the expert and she denied a connection between the MMR and this child's death, but Miller is hardly unbiased in this issue and it seems incredible that she would have ever been asked to testify. For a number of years, Miller has been a strong promoter of the safety of the MMR.

A BBC report (HERE) in 2001 told about a 3m publicity campaign to promote the MMR vaccine with TV advertising, videos and leaflets for health professionals and parents as well as information and training for doctors and nurses. The story quoted Professor Miller in defense of the vaccine and denying any truth to the controversial link to autism. It seems that Miller finds nothing dangerous in the MMR. It doesn't cause autism and though it can cause convulsions, they are never fatal.

A representative from Sanofi, the vaccine maker, was also there. His intent seemed to be to blame the medications given to the child, not the vaccine. Anything but the vaccine.

Other experts lined up against the parents. Dr. Alan Day, consultant pediatrician at Cheltenham General, said the staff was correct in giving George the vaccine.

Professor of Infant Health, Peter Fleming, of Bristol University, said it was most likely that George died of SIDS, which also gave Crickmore a conclusion that let the medical community off the hook.

It seems that unless a child collapses and dies at the clinic, vaccines can never be implicated. What stands out to us in the autism community is the continued denial that MMR is a damaging and even deadly vaccine.

The British press couldn't wait to proclaim once again that parents are wrong to worry about the MMR. Where earlier headlines had announced 'Healthy' Baby Died After MMR Jab, and Inquest to Begin into Death of Baby after MMR Vaccination, new ones appeared with reassuring messages:

MMR jab 'played no part in boy's death', coroner rules,
No link to MMR over baby's death,
MMR jab 'didn't kill healthy tot',
MMR baby died of natural causes.

What was really surprising was coverage from FOX News (HERE) in the U.S. They posted the headline, Baby Dies From Vaccine Complication the day after the inquest and announced, "An 18-month-old boy died after doctors vaccinated him with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine while he was sick, the baby's parents told an inquest this week." FOX hasn't caught up with the news that the coroner disagrees that the death resulted from the MMR.

George Fisher was 18 months old when he died. Many parents report that after their children receive routine vaccinations at the same age, they suddenly lose learned skills and regress into autism. Both in the U.S. and in Britain, health officials have refused to honestly and thoroughly address this controversy. This continues to be one of the most contentious issues in medicine.

Allison Edwards of Cry Shame (HERE) was at the inquest and she gave her own account of what happened before the findings were reported:

"We have reason to believe that the faith and trust we parents place in those guardians of public health on immunisations has become much more about their own protection than our children's. We have been betrayed. ... Unfortunately, I predict that no-one will be held accountable and the death put down to an unascertained cause."

Allison was right. The inquest covered for those who have everything to lose if the truth about the side effects of the MMR were publicly acknowledged. John Stone, another tireless advocate in Britain, wrote to me about this decision and the reaction of ordinary British citizens. He said, "They know they now live in a country where increasingly everything can be 'fixed.'"

Anne Dachel is Media Editor of Age of Autism.

GUS THE FUSS Posted - 12/08/2008 : 07:49:12
Vaccines by name killing kids for profit is the game

Sam Posted - 12/07/2008 : 17:02:39
How can a Coroner listen to these scheming medical liars and totally ignore the part MMR played in George's death. This is very worrying because it means that the Pharmaceutical companies can continue to put as much toxins in the vaccines that they believe they can get away with. Crickmore the Coroner is playing the tyrant on behalf of the Government and the so called medical experts such as Miller beleive it is Ok to kill children because thats what Pharama affiliated Occultists are supposed to do. Increasing amounts of people now have a burning desire for justice.

GUS THE FUSS Posted - 12/07/2008 : 12:07:34
another bed mite exposed..well done John

John Stone Posted - 12/07/2008 : 09:25:35
I just submitted this comment to Age of Autism:-

I wonder if Mr Barton is the same Mr Barton as in this Private Eye story from 2002 (Private Eye is a British satirical journal) bearing in mind that modern Sanofi incorporates Aventis Pasteur:

Private Eye, 8th March 2002



'Whenever a newspaper reports on the latest development in the in the MMR
controversy, concerned mother and GP Dr Penelope Elphinstone seems to enter
the debate via the letters page.

'Since 1999 and in newspapers from the Observer to the Express, Sunday
Times, Guardian and Independent she has been expressing outrage that legal
aid has been granted to the many children said to have been damaged by the
triple jab.

'"This unsubstantiated health scare and the litigation are mutually
sustaining: they endanger children, enrich lawyers and impoverish the
health service," she declares. But then she would say that, wouldn't she?
The man who shares her north London home is one Anthony Barton, solicitor
and doctor who just happens to be advising Aventis Pasteur - one of the
defending pharmaceutical giants in the forthcoming MMR legal action'


This would appear to be the same good gentleman that I had an interesting exchange with on subject of legal aid in BMJ Rapid Responses in February 2005. Barton wrote:

'Legal aid is the oxygen of medical litigation; most cases are legally aided. It is available only to a limited population so it does not ensure access to justice - most negligence is probably uncompensated. Legal aid provides access to lawyers, who get paid win or lose. It provides incentives to give over-optimistic legal advice and to seek out expert opinions to sustain improbable cases. The success rate in clinical negligence is modest. In pharmaceutical litigation it is minimal. Scarce resources for patient care are diverted to lawyers' fees - all in the name of justice and funded by the public.

'Competing interests: Solicitor and doctor specialising in clinical negligence and pharmaceutical litigation'

To which I responded:

'Anthony Barton has an interesting declaration. Given his views it would not be surprising if he advised defendants more often than plaintiffs in these cases. But surely if the law is presently inadequate for protecting patients the natural question is how do you make it fairer, not how do you strengthen the arm of the already protected and powerful.

'What I wonder does Barton think should have happened in the Thalidomide case? Ordinary people do not seem to count for very much in this scheme. Ineffective though the present system may be the message "anything goes" is scarcely one I would recommend.'


There was, of course, no answer.

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