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T O P I C    R E V I E W
chris-davies7 Posted - 11/25/2009 : 11:26:00
My daughter of 14 had the first jab some 8 weeks ago now. 30 hours after the jab she woke up with a total loss of voice and an extremely sore throat. Doctors said it was not linked but she a severe case of Laryingitis ? After 4 weeks her voice is now at a whisper but she has no energy, very lethargic. Our doctors has done two lots of blood tests on my daughter to find no underlying illness, however what they did discover was that her white blood cell count was low , she was now suseptible to infection as her body could not fight viruses normally.We are waiting to see a consultant, but I am very sceptical over the outcome.Just a little back ground on my daughter. 14 years old, competetive swimmer 30,000m per week extremely fit young lady, top class,top set in all subjects at school.Hugh social life. Now, cant swim, frightened,vunerable and feels isolated.

C Davies
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
chris-davies7 Posted - 01/19/2011 : 12:25:16
Many thanks for your support. Lucy has once again bounced back and seems to be doing ok again now. No further episodes. We had a very hectic few days in London over Christmas and she coped really well. It was a great test of her resiliance, she came through with flying colours. Taking exams at the moments and very focussed want to achieve good grades. Is going on to take A levels in Chemistry 'of course', Maths and French. Fingers crossed she can achieve her goals and go on to lead a normal life. Thanks once again for all your support.

C Davies
Elizabeth Posted - 12/21/2010 : 23:34:41
Dear Chris, Oh! Your poor daughter! This sounds like an anaphylactic(?) shock reaction to "something" to which your daughter is highly allergic. I think you should be asking your doctor, as a matter of urgency, for tests to establish what substance/bite/whatever caused this severe reaction (dog flea? dog tick?). You (and your daughter) may need to carry an Epipen (or current equivalent) to enable rapid response to any future recurrence. Your daughter's school should also be notified of the situation so that teachers can react correctly in emergency. Good luck.

chris-davies7 Posted - 12/15/2010 : 16:39:38
Seems to have been a long while and Lucy has been doing so well, she has been back swimming 3 sessions per week building up her stamina. Back to her jovial self full of the joys of life at 15. Doing great at school. Then two weeks ago while at the christmas fair at the NEC in Birmingham, Lucy was bitten (flea) we think. She started to feel nauseous after about 30 mins and very red at the bite mark. Jill brought her home as the day was almost at it's end. Within an hour all of her upper torso and arms were bright red and were itching, raging with fire. We gave her Piriton and called the Dr's, we were advised to go straight to the hospital, where she was seen immediately and was put on Anti-histamine drugs intravenously and temazapan (not sure if my spelling is good) She has had extremly sensitve skin ever since and cannot cover herself properly as she is in pain. Does anyone have any similar symptoms. I do hope this is a minor episode. Chris

C Davies
Seonaid Posted - 04/09/2010 : 00:16:08
How 300 million was squandered on swine flu jabs that we didn't need


Bet it's even more!

chris-davies7 Posted - 04/07/2010 : 22:50:36
Figures released today show that after 'scaremongering' that 10's of thousands of people were going to die from H1N1 flu virus our government ordered 120 million vaccinations from GSK and Baxter. As the realisation that the Pandemic was not as bad as they first thought they negotiated a deal with the suppliers to cancel part of the order. However there are still 34 million doses unused. Of the 44 million delivered 6 million have been used 3.8 million have gone to the WHO for use in Africa, 10.6 million are with the GP's and 23.6 million are in reserve at a cost of between 100 - 150 million, the specfic amount is being guarded by the government as commercially confidential.
I have requested a set of figures similar to these for Cervarix from the minister, but I guess I will now have to wait.

C Davies
chris-davies7 Posted - 03/25/2010 : 12:56:40
Latest update on Lucy Davies
We made our visit to Lucy's GP Dr Burnett two weeks ago now. Lucy has been seeing a different GP up until now a Dr Johnson, whom I must say for the first couple of months seemed very caring and worked tirelessly to try to find an answer. I guess that once he had seen the report from Dr Wood who was the General Consultant at George Eliot Hospital that Lucy had seen. After his blood test's and examination discharged her and thought their was no need for any further invasive investigation, although he had not found any answers but preferred to discharge her, I found him very dismissive. I then got the impression, he then felt there was nothing left for him to do and his diagnosis of ME was propably the correct one. Certainly the last occasion that my wife Jill visited Dr Johnson with Lucy she got the feeling of " oh what do you want now" !!!!!!. Subsequently I have contacted several leading hospitals in London with reference to Lucy's condition and one Dr has expressed an interest but has said that he would like to see Lucy's medical records which must include a report from a Neurologist.
So I requested Lucy's medical records in a letter from the GP's on the 24th of February 2010, quoting that they must include all relevent correspondance and this must be legible and made ready for me within 12 days of recieving my letter. In accordance with the statutory agreement from the Secretary of State. Alas I have not recieved them yet and had to chase them up yesterday. In between times we visited lucy's own Dr, Dr Burnett who seemed very focused on Lucy and her thoughts, almost to the exclusion of us, I got the distinct impression that he thought we were coercing Lucy into persuing this course of action. Having gone through her whole episode he agreed , I feel somewhat reluctantly to refer her to a Neurologist. We promptly recieved our Choose and Book appointment sheet but are waiting for Birmingham Childrens hospital to release some appointments. In the interim time we has insisted that we see a Phisiotherapist and we pushed very hard, Jill made a real nusance of herself but got and appointment with a great physio at the George Eliot hospital, whom has shown great concern over Lucy's plight and showed regret that we had not seen her earlier. WOW !!! how good has she been for Lucy, straight onto crutches and out of the wheelchair at every available moment. Most days at school it is crutches only now, we have taken her out on her crutches and she is far more confident and happy on them rather that the wheelchair. Lucy turned 15 on Tuesday and had a great day and was really positive about her future. I cried for hours at night with hope and joy. She is now coming to the end of her 3 month stint of drinking 1.5 ltrs a day of silica rich Volvic water as per the research Dr Chris Exley is doing at Keele University into Aluminum tolerance, I think it can only help , so thanks to him.

C Davies
chris-davies7 Posted - 03/05/2010 : 11:12:04
Hi All
I hope that everyone is coping ,I think about everyone everyday.
Just to give you an update. My GP is referring Lucy to a neurologist no,to try to find the root and cause of her problems, if there is anyone out there that knows of a good neurologist that is sympathetic to our cause, then feel free to let me know. As I do not want to go down the same route again by where I feel they are just going through the motions.
I am sure there must be, I am doing some research locally to me in Warwickshire. Some other slightly encouraging news is that Lucy is getting back in a swimming pool this evening with her mum just to paddle around. Away from where she swims competetively so she does not want to draw to much attention to herself. Also she has taken her Triple Science GCSE this morning at school, which is a year early, again very encouraging.
Best wishes to all.

C Davies
waterwise Posted - 02/17/2010 : 12:40:25
Hi Chris
Grace directed me here.
I too am sorry for what your daughter is enduring
My advice is to look towards pro biotics as being one of the best sources for microphages.
We ferment kefir, sprout seeds & include wild plants within salads. No food should be given that might be ciorrupted with residual biocides.
I would also think very carefully before exposing her to swimming pool chlorines, their potential carcinogenic capacity is not of benefit & may have contributed to her sesceptibility.
Good luck to you and yours.
Truth Seeker Posted - 02/14/2010 : 16:43:56
Engineering is a real and practical science, unlike vaccinations which in my opinion is based on corporation pseudo science, myths, covers ups, dogma, fraud, indoctrination, careers, bribes, corruption and politics.
I am afraid you won't get much joy in getting the vaccine industry to act like real honest scientists or Doctors willing to blame the vaccine with the might of the establishment ready to pounce on any desertion
The message is take us on and we will destroy you and your career if you dare question the holy grail of vaccinations.

The medical industry acts just like a fundamentalist religion where the dogma is set in stone and heretics are persecuted and like rape victims from priests justice can take many years if at all.
The dogma says vaccines are safe and any harm is a coincidence so you can see that the Priests (Doctors) have to follow the dogma or else.
The Swine flu scam and the persecution of Andrew Wakefield has opened up many more minds to the politics of vaccines.

Vaccinations cause chronic diseases is as fully an accurate things to say as "smoking kills" warnings on cigarette packs.
jacquia Posted - 02/14/2010 : 13:38:41
Another case of burying the truth about Cervarix.

How many girls will be affected by Cervarix this year?

How many parents will find out the truth when it's too late?

How many girls will suffer.........

And what are the future implications of this vaccine?

So many questions that the Government/GSK don't want to answer.

Napoleon once said: "There are two ways of moving men--interest or fear". Probably the most effective way of cajoling the public into submitting to vaccination is the employment of 'scare tactics'.
chris-davies7 Posted - 02/13/2010 : 15:13:46
Consultant at George Eliot Hospital has now discharged Lucy and has stated that he is happy there are no underlying complications with her 'illness'. He is happy to go along with Lucy's GP that she is suffering from ME and we will probably never know the cause.
No explaination as to why she had her funny turn 2 months ago,and as a result she cannot now walk properly, no offer of support, either via physio or hydro therepy, did not want to investigate it any further,did not want to engage in any conversation about any possible link to a hyper-sensitivity reaction to the vaccine and any possible neurological damage that this may have and is still causing.
When asked about the Hypothoses from Dr Chris Exley.He did not even look up at me but carried on writing and said "oh yes i've read that". So dismissive, so rude, so demeaning, how dare someone from the prolitariate question me.
Surely when we investigate problems in the Business or Engineering world we look for solutions to problems and their root causes so we can identify them if they should ever arise again, and put in procedures to ensure they do not arise again and if we do not have the skills to do this then we out source either to another department or another associated business with the relevent skills.What make the medical proffession so aloof of this protocol. If they do not know, then move it on to someone who might, or at least seek their advice. I am paying these guy's 100k + a year to find solutions.It is the very least my daughter deserves.
Chris ( a very angry parent )

C Davies
john Posted - 02/03/2010 : 18:14:32
Sorry to hear that, avoid any more Ceravix like all the rest http://www.whale.to/vaccine/cervarix_h.html

Homeopathy http://www.whale.to/vaccine/damage.html
Nutritional med, Vitamin C for poisons http://www.whale.to/w/ortho.html maybe Biolab http://www.biolab.co.uk/
deborah Posted - 02/02/2010 : 01:08:41
hi everyone,im new to this forum but came across a link to here, my daughter ruby received her 2nd dose of cervarix las tuesday,she had an immediate reaction fainting ,confusion and pain in her arm,im told they had 4 nurses helping her , she was brought home straight away and has barely moved since,she has dizzyness often and constant pain in her left arm which she holds like a stroke victim (although she has movement), she also has pains in all her other limbs which are really starting to get her down, plus head-aches,we went to the doctors today and she said ruby had a slight temp and also said she has a heart murmer,she is 13 and no one has said that before.frankly i dont know what to think, they are doing bloods wed,i would appreciate any advice , she is such a sunny happy girl who loves art and dance its terrible to see her too weak to even draw,and low in spirit.(plus the remark about her heart is hard to know what to make off)many thanks deborah
Kayj Posted - 01/28/2010 : 10:52:37
Chris, I am so so sorry to hear about your daughter. I have posted a message as my daughter has had a reaction to the HPV vaccine and has been extremely ill with a whole catalogue of problems. My daughter had her vaccine on Monday 9th November and started with reactions on Friday 13th. She has been in and out of hospital and is only just nicely recovering. If you would like to know more, please get in touch as it does sound like a reaction as my daughter struggles with everyday life and goes about signing as if everything and anything is too much for her. Previous to her having the vaccine, she had so much energy she used to tire me out.

Would love to hear from you. Take care.

K Jackson
jacquia Posted - 01/26/2010 : 11:08:46
[quote][i]Originally posted by jacquia[/i]
[br]Hi Chris,

I have contacted Grace Filby, and she would like you to contact her asap
Grace Filby BA(Hons) Cert Ed FRSA
Winston Churchill Fellow
Science & Engineering Ambassador
Check out her site concerning HPV

Grace Filby sent me this news -

Latest News on Chris's Daughter, make your own conclusions

A bit of good news just made my day yesterday! 18 weeks ago at the end of September, 14 year old Lucy in Nuneaton totally lost her voice with an extremely sore throat, just the day after GSK's 'Cervarix' jabs were given to her year-group at school in the Government's mass vaccination campaign about HPV. She suddenly became extremely lethargic, and yet she was normally a competitive swimmer (30,000 km per week), very fit, with a good social life and academically doing very well indeed. She had no voice at all for 7 weeks and currently she needs a wheelchair to get to classes at school. It doesn't take a genius to put 2 and 2 together and work out that the jab was the trigger for this extreme reaction. During this time she may have had a mild seizure, or even a stroke, and has suffered a trembling right hand and right leg with walking.

Fortunately, with some prior information through my investigations during 2008-2009, I was able to put Lucy's parents in contact with Dr Chris Exley at Keele University, Staffordshire. He is doing pioneering research about the toxic effects of a metal still used in vaccines as an adjuvant - aluminium. His international team have found that mineral water which is rich in silica (ortho-silicic acid) is the natural antidote - it physically takes aluminium out of the cells of the body.

As a result of this, Lucy has been drinking a 1.5 litre bottle of silicon-rich mineral water (from a well-known volcanic area) every day. (This is not an advertisement).

The good news is that last week, Lucy's voice returned. Cause and effect, or pure coincidence? I am told it is just 95%. Of course it was audible for me on the phone as she spoke happily in the background after school yesterday. It was a real delight to hear her father say that now he has a smiling little daughter again. Walking is still extremely slow. Perhaps with time and continued use of silicon-rich mineral water, any poison will be washed through. Then Lucy can return to her normal vigour and enjoy being a healthy, bright, British teenager and competitive swimmer again.

I can't help thinking that some toxins were injected with the new vaccine because there are numerous reports of adverse effects from parents and children world-wide. It is a shame that some doctors with a public voice don't trust reports of patients' experience, yet they expect us to trust them.

Fortunately, Lucy is getting better! She now has her voice back 95%, .

Napoleon once said: "There are two ways of moving men--interest or fear". Probably the most effective way of cajoling the public into submitting to vaccination is the employment of 'scare tactics'.

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