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 would you have MMR, SINGLE OR NONE

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
lisa2000 Posted - 07/05/2007 : 18:31:54
To all readers online. My son is 14 months old and due his MMR. After reading much data (and being a health professional) on all above subjects I feel very confused about getting my son vaccinated.

I want to ask the question. If it were your child what would you do now? and why?
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Alice Posted - 07/30/2007 : 08:18:05
Hi Lisa, this is my first post, so bear with me :-)
Our son is almost 14 months, and has never had ANY vaccinations. I come from a family of four children, none of whom were vacc either, so it was a reasonably easy decision for me. I have never had cause to regret the decision - in fact since his birth he has only had two colds and the occasional temperature. This is in marked contrast to the majority of other children we know of his age who have had numerous courses of antibiotics and even hospitalisations.
I firmly believe that his strong immune system comes from a combination of not being weakened by vaccinations in the first place, a good organic vegetarian diet and extended breastfeeding (thereby getting my antibodies)
We don't know any other parents who have decided not to vaccinate (apart from mine) so I can understand how daunting it can feel when it seems like you are doing something really 'out there'. My only advice is - trust your own gut feeling, if you have fears and concerns, its for a reason.
john Posted - 07/18/2007 : 11:49:09
Originally posted by lisa2000

I think I will wait and research and discuss this further with my husband. (also health professional).The only worry is that every time he gets a temp I worry so much about him contracting measles and then I think of the worst case scenario.

I gave measles to my whole school in 1963 or thereabouts, even made the Nursing times. No one ever worried a squat about measles in my day, the only reason we do know is because they have a vaccine to sell. The only kids who die from measles are the ones on steroids or chemotherapy, or who are ill malnourished kids that don't get proper medical care. If a naturopathic MD in 1860 can say he never lost a kid to measles what does that tell you?

And then over 50% of the ones who get measles actually were vaccinated.

"In 1991 over 60% of cases in children (NZ) were "vaccinated"."----MEASLES : THE REAL FACTS-----HILARY BUTLER

"According to the PHLS of Ireland, the Informed Immunisation Network Dublin and Eurosurveillance Weekly, the year-2000 outbreak grew thus: by Feb 2000 there were 16 hospitalisations, but 9 were under age of vaccination and 4 vaccinated. Only 3 out of 16 cases were therefore children who had avoided vaccination. By June 2000, there were 844 cases, of which 101 were hospitalised. The highest attack rate was in ages 6-14 months, i.e. under the age of MMR. By end September 2000 there were 1523 cases. What the UK DoH does not quote about Ireland is numbers of deaths following vaccination. Any recorded numbers also likely to be underestimate because paediatricians do not always link with MMR."--David Thrower

try and get vaccine status from the PHLS, for an interesting experience.

and the measles risk stats are hyped also:

"Doctors maintain that the (MMR) inoculation is necessary to prevent measles encephalitis, which they say occurs about once in 1,000 cases. After decades of experience with measles, I question this statistic, and so do many other pediatricians. The incidence of 1/1,000 may be accurate for children who live in conditions of poverty and malnutrition, but in the middle-and upper-income brackets, if one excludes simple sleepiness from the measles itself, the incidence of true encephalitis is probably more like 1/10,900 or 1/100,000."------Dr Mendelsohn http://www.whale.to/vaccines/mendelsohn.html

and then the telling story of how they refuse to use vitamin C injections that would make it 100% safe even in sick kids, is just one of the nails in MMR

"Many viral infectious diseases have been cured and can continue to be cured by the proper administration of Vitamin C. Yes, the vaccinations for these treatable infectious diseases are completely unnecessary when one has the access to proper treatment with vitamin C. And, yes, all the side effects of vaccinations...are also completely unnecessary since the vaccinations do not have to be given in the first place with the availability of properly dosed vitamin C."---Dr Thomas Levy M.D., J.D. (Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins p30) http://www.whale.to/a/levy_h.html

does that suggest a concern for children?

and there is a stack of evidence it is wrong to suppress measles, it leads to other diseases or more disease later in life. http://www.whale.to/m/measles3.html http://www.whale.to/m/measles4.html

and I have still to hear anyone give a decent argument to show measles vax did ANYTHING to prevent measles deaths as they declined by 99.4% before vaccination. You could meditate on that statistic and ask your self what did that.

and of course we all know MMR causes autism among other nasty diseases or conditions, like life threatening asthma a friends kid has to suffer.

I know it is harder for allopaths to see the truth as we witness with Dr Halvorsen's book and account in various newspapers recently.

But it does happen

"Under normal conditions, healthy children do not die from or become disabled from the complications of measles and if they do, questions should be asked about their management." ---[Letter BMJ Feb 2005. Donegan MB.] http://www.whale.to/w/donegan1.html

PS. About fevers, read Dr Mendelsohn's book How To Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor, and the dangers of treating fevers with drugs http://www.whale.to/a/west8.html

"Could the increase in all forms of meningitis and other infectious disease complications and deaths be because for the last 40+ years, the first thing parents do at the slightest sign of temperature is push paracetamol?"--Hilary Butler

also one of the risk factors for measles deaths is vitamin A deficiency (cut African death rate in half)and vax depletes Vitamin A (and all poisons deplete Vitamin C)

"When the live viral measles vaccine is given, it depletes the children of their existing supply of Vitamin A."--Mary Megson MD

"A study of "well nourished" children in Long Beach, California suffering from measles, indicated that 50% were deficient in Vitamin A."
Draconia Posted - 07/18/2007 : 00:00:41
my son is not having mmr. am looking into single jabs but unsure. have experienced several mmr-autism links in my family and read of hundreds of people in different sites describing identicle symptoms post jab - blank expression, loss of hearing, loss of communication skills, no sounds/speech, limp/poor co ordination, inability to do tasks as before from chewing food to dressing. this cant all be coincidence and there is no way development could change almost overnight or in immediate weeks when in all cases there is a common factor. i dont influence other choices, but i share what i've found out and what i think ad that is that the live viruses combined together in mmr trigger an inactive gene in susceptible children that causes autism. and for that reason, my health visitor can take her triple jab and give it to the fool that made it instead of risking my sons life and development.
laura_c_a Posted - 07/16/2007 : 10:29:02
J. is my nephew and Godchild.
Seonaid Posted - 07/15/2007 : 21:02:45
Lisa - another site for you to look at.


"Dr Sherri Tenpenny...is known as one of the country’s most outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccines on health. Her startling information from medical journals and government documents stands in direct contrast to opinions generally accepted about vaccines."

Emerald Posted - 07/15/2007 : 20:30:39
I had no idea Laura as I'm new to this forum. I'm so sorry to hear about your boy.
laura_c_a Posted - 07/15/2007 : 15:11:46
J. was progressing well until his 1st MMR. 9 days later he fell ill and has gone downhill since. Severely autistic with dyspraxia and other problems. Recently diagnosed with sight problems. Believe me - it is not easy to carry out an eye test on a 7 year old with a mental age of 15-18 months. Fee has spelt it out very well. You'd be wise to follow her advice.
lisa2000 Posted - 07/12/2007 : 17:32:17
Thanks so much for your replies.

I think I will wait and research and discuss this further with my husband. (also health professional).
The only worry is that every time he gets a temp I worry so much about him contracting measles and then I think of the worst case scenario.

But I then think of a colleage who has a 7 year old son wth autism. He states his son changed within weeks of his MMR and cries often, wishing he never consented to this vaccine.

I would be interested to find out the vaccination ratio in my area. Do you know if this is oublic information or how to find out?

Please give me more stories, I find them helpful in making this decision.

fee Posted - 07/10/2007 : 23:27:31
After personally experiencing a link with the mmr and autism i would say to you . Ask yourself -
Why is there no choice? would all three viruses be suffered at once naturally? measles a treatable disease ( yes there can be complications)?mumps a treatable disease? rubella boys do not suffer from this ,they can carry it though and should avoid pregnant women as with chicken pox ( no vaccine for that though!)
single vaccines are avaliable as another option but at a cost mmr is cheaper to administer money allways has something to do with it
Has anybody REALLY looked into the possibility of a link and if there is no link what IS causing the increase in autism and why do so many cases and stories coincide ??????
Personally if I had known more when I had my son Immunised 9 years ago I would have never bothered, My children havent had their boosters surely immunisation should mean immunisation not oh well it wears off !!
my youngest son ( 6 months ) hasnt been immunised at all I think that its a gamble either way and its all about YOUR DECISION, YOUR CHOICE, DONT BE FORCED INTO ANYTHING WITH FALSE INFOMATION,the health proffesionals have procedure and targets to meet.
Why not wait for a while to make a decision (months or years) whats the rush?
Hope this helps or at least makes you think and realise YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE xx

Hannah Posted - 07/06/2007 : 09:40:54
I agree with Seonaid. There are lots of people who say that their children had these vaccines with no side effects, but all they can say for certainty is that they had no immediate side effects. Who knows what the long-term effects will be? I think vaccination causes great damage in suppressing the immune system and am not at all surprised at the high cancer rates we are seeing now. I expect these rates to rise.

After seeing the damage caused to my two eldest sons by the DTP, they have not received any more vaccines. My youngest son is completely unvaccinated. They are now aged 10, 8 and 6. I know it is a difficult decision to make, especially if you haven't seen immediate vaccine damage being caused, but I am fully confident in my decision not to vaccinate.

Best wishes,
john Posted - 07/05/2007 : 20:49:14

for my reasons, last 2 of mine, now 10 & 12 are unvaccinated

john scu23@btinternet.com
Seonaid Posted - 07/05/2007 : 20:18:33
Hi Lisa - My personal opinion - I would strenuously avoid and do, any and every type of vaccine. My reason being, my son had MMR and other vaccines administered aged 15 and he has never recovered. The limited reading I have done, explains that vaccines compromise the immune system. It's like genetically modifying our children. I suspect these genetic modifications will be passed on to generations to come, causing untold immune system damage and mutations. We are told that only a small percentage of children display bad reactions to vaccines - but that is in the short term. We have no idea what the long term damage might be. Why is our cancer rate at one in three for example? One in two in America? What is causing the rise in childhood cancers? Arthritis, asthma, allergies - sometimes life threatening - etc. It's not just autistic disorders which can be triggered.
In addition - very few people succeed in getting compensation. No compensation will be made for vaccine-damage caused by vaccines adminstered under the age of two years. I have to wonder - Why not?
Also, a survey showed that almost 50% of people in someway connected with the medical profession, opt not to vaccinate. I am happy to go along with them.
However, there are many parents [and doctors] who would be happy to opt for single vaccines, so please note this is very much my personal feelings - I dont speak for others.
Good luck with your decision!!

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