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T O P I C    R E V I E W
jo123 Posted - 11/02/2007 : 09:54:00
Hi, I'm new to this forum and I wanted to know if anyone here has used homeopathy for their child. If anyone has, then I would be really greatful to know if it worked for them and if there is any such a thing as a homeopath who specializes in autism?
Thanks, Jo.
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john Posted - 12/05/2007 : 20:11:21
Tell him to get a croft zapper http://www.whale.to/a/zapper_q.html

and consult a nutritional doc http://www.whale.to/a/doctors_nutr.html
or herbal naturopath http://www.whale.to/y/herbal1.html like Kitty in UK

or homeopath http://www.whale.to/a/charles_h.html

Hannah Posted - 11/21/2007 : 20:45:47
Replied offlist.

MollieM Posted - 11/21/2007 : 13:35:13
Originally posted by Hannah

Jo, I'm not sure what the previous poster's experience of homeopathy has been, but if he's only ever read a website, then he is very poorly informed and I'd be inclined to take no notice.

All my children have been very successfully treated by a local homeopath and it has been an amazing experience seeing this healing. I have a very good local GP surgery, but I see them purely as agents for the drug company reps, so I wouldn't choose to see one, especially when seeing a homeopath produces far better results. I don't know of one who particularly specialises in autism, but as they treat each person holistically any of them would look at all the symptoms presented. Look up the Society of Homeopaths to see if there is one local to you. If you're near Farnham in Surrey, I can recommend a very good one. She has really helped clear the damage caused by vaccines for my two eldest sons - my youngest hasn't been vaccinated so hasn't ever needed to visit either a GP or a homeopath.

Hope this helps.

Hi Hannah,
Are you still reading this forum as I am after a good recommended homeopath in Farnham and wondered if you could give me the name of yours?
It's for an adult, not child.
Many thanks
Seonaid Posted - 11/17/2007 : 14:03:58
What a sad story Gus - I'm so sorry.

Found this horrific tale of a mother who actually managed to cure her son of melanoma. Big Pharma and the 'establishment' will stop at nothing to protect their position of power over the plebs and financial interests.

GUS THE FUSS Posted - 11/15/2007 : 21:13:46
Hi Rosemary
Thanks for your posts I read all with great interest especially the Wild strain virus and the copyrighted strain in the vaccines the latter having no check mechanism in stopping it mutate, and taking over the body.

My friend worked in computers and last year he was meant to fly to Dubai on the 1st of January He got his Polio vaccine and was violently ill after leaving the doctors surgery .He went home to his bed and remained in bed for two weeks .He was eventually taken to hospital and spent 6weeks in hospital .During this time he was discovered to have cancer of the brain which is associated with the polio vaccine. He hasnít been to well this year but he is always grateful for new info and I will pass this onto him. Such a nice fit person and due to his work always had yearly medicals no illness before this.He has 3 young daughters .Such a tragedy along with the rest of the vaccine damage we force ourselves to read and watch over the years on this site and others.

Rosemary Posted - 11/15/2007 : 10:35:02
Hello Gus,

Firstly I am sorry to hear about your son which you have mentioned in previous posts-I am not sure what has happened to him,not being nosey just want you to know that I care & understand as I have a son completely destroyed by vaccines & want to make sure that you don't lose faith & know that some vaccine damage can be repaired.

I,m sorry to hear about your friend with brain cancer.
I would like to share some information which may help.

I recently attended The Natural Trade Show [ for natural health practitioners ] ....Patrick Holford

Many practioners seem to be using & recommending Noni Juice for cancer.
I have forwarded some information which exlains how it works-research shows it reduces brain tumours in mice [ no human trials yet that I'm aware of]

Noni is an antioxidant,anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-inflammatory-as many cancers[ tumours] have a viral association eg.Mesothelioma caused by SV40-etc it would make sense that Noni could work.

Hope you find this information useful.

Noni juice http://www.ekafood.com/cancernoni.htm

Best Regards

GUS THE FUSS Posted - 11/09/2007 : 21:22:22
Thats an interesting web site Jenny thanks for that.We have a friend with brain cancer just now so will send it to him.Princess Michael of Kent is the patron ...if its good enough for them well...
jennyr Posted - 11/09/2007 : 18:36:03
Plenty of medical doctors support orthomolecular medicine. See this website if you want to learn more, or if you have a relative suffering from cancer. http://www.canceraction.org.gg/

The most famous success story is that of Oxford academic Gearin-Tosh, a man with more brain cells than most, who managed to live for 11 years by applying some of its principles, after being given an incredibly dire prognosis by mainstream doctors. Read his story - it's fascinating.

Pharmaceutical companies would not be interested in financing research that endorsed such treatments, as they are available over the counter and cannot be patented. However, they ARE interested in supporting research which rubbishes such treatments (using rigged/highly selective trials) as they want to minimise threats to the multi-million dollar chemotherapy industry. Plenty of doctors are sceptical about many cancer treatments - just as they are about the vaccine industry.
barefoot1 Posted - 11/09/2007 : 16:22:43
Also bear in mind too that thousands of medical doctors worldwide train in Homeopathy and go on the become excellent practitioners, they want more to their arsenal than just drugs that only treat symtoms and actually wish to cure their patients and not just palliate their symptoms which is the great failing of alopathic drugs, most of which can only palliate and not cure. There is not so much profit in curing as palliating for big pharma
The bottom line is those that know it works know and those who are skeptical are the ones who are missing out.
The proof of the pudding is the eating, dont knock it till you try it and beware of those with an agenda who have vested interests in rubbishing anything that challenges the medical monoploy.
barefoot1 Posted - 11/09/2007 : 12:53:58
Originally posted by commonsense
Could you elaborate on that? Not sure what you're driving at - medically treated individuals have higher mortality rates than those non-medically treated? In what settings? What metrics are you using? What controls? What statistical methodology are you employing to assess the efficacy of medical treatments over your alternative treatment (which you haven't specified).
Besides, if it's a fact, as you claim, you'll be able to prove your point with solid, peer-reviewed evidence!

Lets not twist this this round with with clever words, just look at the Iatrogenic death rates below in the link and compare that to your chances of being killed by anyone else or any other group.
Just comment on the iatrogenic deaths and please defend that if you can, please dont waste my time with this convoluted misleading argument that is desighned to take the focus away from the horrofic deaths rates caused by drug companies and allopaths. As i say you can't defend the indefendable so i feel you use these tactics.

commonsense Posted - 11/09/2007 : 08:01:41
Tut tut tut! Don't you know that the causes of disease ar not germs like viruses and bacteria, but miasms. Hanneman must be spinning in his grave...
commonsense Posted - 11/09/2007 : 00:04:23
"So how does Vitamin C uniquely interact with this 'bio-field' where other molecules cannot? What are the exact chemical, biological and quantum mechanisms?

Until you comment on the millions of Iatrogenic deaths which you dont seem very keen to do why on earth should we get invloved in such a dumb argument as nutrition v allopathic drugs which is no brainer."

How does my commenting on the 'millions of Iatrogenic deaths' colour or invalidate my original question?

Once again: how does Vitamin C interact with biological system or 'bio-vibrational fields' in a manner that allopathic molecules cannot?
"The most likey person to kill you statistically is a member of the medical profession and thats an indisputable fact."

Could you elaborate on that? Not sure what you're driving at - medically treated individuals have higher mortality rates than those non-medically treated? In what settings? What metrics are you using? What controls? What statistical methodology are you employing to assess the efficacy of medical treatments over your alternative treatment (which you haven't specified).
Besides, if it's a fact, as you claim, you'll be able to prove your point with solid, peer-reviewed evidence!
barefoot1 Posted - 11/08/2007 : 19:19:36
Back to Homeopathy and vaccinations, a good book is "A handbook of Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunisation" by Susan Curtis.

It seems both Doctors and the Government have been lied to about the effectivness of the Flu jab, its no better than 25% effective if that even, no better than placebo while Homepathy prophylatics seem to fair just as well if not a darn sight better so when they try to discredit homeopathy remember how the drug companies cover up side effects and lie about the effectiveness of thier vaccines and drugs see:


Its people who have been harmed by doctors, made worse or ineffective treatment that gives most Homeopaths their living and millions would not keep going back if it did work :)

While the quacks ( a term that describes medical Doctors not Homeopaths although they try to reverse its meaning)of the day were killing their patients with mercury (they still are killing them,no change there) Samuel Hahnemann discoverd very small ammounts of soluble mercury was far more effective and a lot safer and went on to develop homeopathic remedies. they have never forgiven him :)

The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda.
Michael Crichton
barefoot1 Posted - 11/08/2007 : 16:41:55
I am aware of the jabsadmin warning on this thread to move on so please delete this post if you wish.(hopefully along with jonathans post too)
Jonathan is just not making any sense at all, his personal attack on john is just laughable and a tactic used by professional trolls who cannot defend the indefendable in any other way.
john has answered his questions but jonathan will not drop this purile and illogical attack.
Jonathan please comment on the millions of Iatrogenic deaths over the years from allopathy and tell us if you even care or does mind shut out all data that goes against your indoctrinated beliefs. Come on really now tell us if you care that 750,000 people are killed in the name of profit and greed and to defend a narrowminded dogmatic system that is corrupt and rotten to the core, otherwise stop fussing over over a broken nail while death is happening to approx 750,000 people in the US alone each year caused by allopaths and Big Pharma.
And you wonder why people want alternatives who have woken up to the truth about allopathy.

john Posted - 11/08/2007 : 16:38:56
I could see your game Whitlock so I pulled it. It was you don't know this (biochemistry?) so how can you know anything about that (vaccination). Yawn.

Any idiot can read statistics, even me, you don't need to be a biochemist. And it is a big secret that purely stats can demolish vaccination.

secondly, if you allopaths had any interest in evidenceyou would be using vitamin C to cure infections, prevent cot-death, reverse heart disease and cure heroin addiction--- and be giving up vaccination as it is completely ineffective and dangerous.

And that is just one vitamin out of all the nutrients. http://www.whale.to/w/ortho.html

You never use one! "Evidence based medicine" is the biggest lie going.

I think you need to give up the biochemistry or whatever science you are playing with, as any idiot walking the street could figure out nutrients are going to be more effective medicine over the drugs you prefer which are made out of God knows what, oil probably, as the 120,000 drug deaths every year in the USA demonstrate.

Whitlock: I'm not going to bother posting on this topic again

Now don't go breaking your word

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