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 Vaccines and Neurological Damage
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Posted - 10/10/2006 :  11:26:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Vaccines and Neurological Damage

Vaccinations are very neurotoxic and have been associated with many neurological disorders, like encephalopathies, epilepsy, convulsions, ADD, LD, autism, mental retardation, depression, anxiety, CNS disorders, paralysis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, nerve deafness, blindness and SIDS. The neurological disorders associated with vaccinations are diverse and numerous. Vaccinations lower IQ as well as contribute to the overt mental disorders and neurological diseases listed here. The relationship of vaccinations to encephalopathies and neurological diseases have been surfacing in medical journals since the advent of mass vaccination programs. Autism was unheard of before vaccinations, and parallel mass vaccination programs very nicely. ADD and learning disorders in children are now being traced to childhood vaccinations, as well as convulsions, paralysis, and epilepsy. Brain damage is by far the most common adverse reaction associated with vaccinations, although their actual numbers are not often reported correctly.

List of Vaccination-induced Neurological disorders:

Meningitis Paralysis
Paralytis polio
Ms Gullain Barre Syndrome
Hyperactivity - ADD, LD
Demyelinization diseases
Auto-immune Diseases Epilepsy
Convulsions - Seizures
Mental confusion - lowered IQ
Brain tumors (SV-40)
This list was generated from a variety of resources and is not, by any means, all inclusive.

The encephalopathies associated with vaccinations may range from overt neurological disease to high pitched crying (commonly seen after vaccination), which is not often recognized as brain damage. In other words, the child is just "reacting to the needle". It is "normal" to be afraid of shots. But what they are missing is the diagnosis of overt neuropathy, encephalitis or brain dysfunction, because high pitched crying is not normal. Brain damage from vaccines is epidemic and yet, doctors are slow to diagnose neurological disorders (in US) when vaccinations are at stake but we see many citations linking changes (for the worse) after vaccinations are given.

Ted Koren, DC stated, "Dyslexia, minimal brain damage, ADD, autism, allergies, visual and many other neurologic diseases grouped together as "developmental disabilities," barely existed before mass vaccination programs. Probably twenty percent of American children-one youngster in five-suffers from a Ďdevelopmental disability.í This is a stupefying figure Developmental disabilities" are nearly always generated by encephalitis. And the primary cause of encephalitis in the United States and other industrialized countries is the childhood vaccination program. To be specific, a large proportion of the millions of U.S. children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, and other developmental disabilities, owe their disorders to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases." [Emphasis mine.]

Some 40-50 years ago children were not vaccinated until they were ready for the first grade at age 6. Neurological disorders were very uncommon then. Today, children are vaccinated at birth for HiB and begin their long vaccination-journey at 2 months of age, before the blood brain barrier is fully developed. A review of the medical literature around the world will turn up many articles linking vaccinations with many neurological disorders. Before the 1940s, autism was extremely rare or unheard of. Then in the mid-1940s we began a massive vaccination programs and autism was "born". At first, it only occurred in the children of wealthy parents, since vaccinations were not free or government sponsored like today. Later autism became a disease of all classes (with government-sponsored vaccine programs). The psychiatrists had a hay-day with autism and at first they called it the "Refrigerator-Mother Syndrome". They said the mother had a "cold" heart causing the child to be autistic and withdrawn. Yet, studies did not support this theory, since many families had only one autistic child among several normal children. The point they missed was that it was the Doctorís cold needles that caused the problem, not the motherís cold heart.

"The strongest link was between measles virus antibodies and anti-MBP, suggesting that exposure to the measles virus may cause the immune systems of children with autism to attack myelin," Singh said. Children with autism produce anti-bodies against their own brain, making autism an auto-immune condition. "Singh compiled a nonscientific, anecdotal survey of 88 autistic children whose families have contacted him. Of those, 51 percent said symptoms of autism began shortly after the MMR vaccination, and 36 percent said the problems started days after the DPT shot." Anecdotal evidence over-whelmingly points to vaccines as causing autism. The connect between autism and vaccinations can not be denied.

The pertussis vaccine is very neurotoxic and is used in the laboratory to produce brain lesions in lab animals for study. But if our child develops brain problems after a DPT vaccination, our doctor will tell us it is coincidence or genetic. Vaccinations have been known to increase the demyelination, a process related to many neurologic diseases and MS is a demyelination disease. Myelin is designed to protect the outer coating of neurons, much like the plastic outer coating over an electrical wire. When this myelin is damaged, neurological disorders, such as, MS, paralysis, or ALS, will result. (Singh mentioned autism as a result of demyelination disorder.) The nerves are short-circuited and do not function normally.

The encephalitis form vaccinations is much more prevalent than we would like to realize, since all vaccines are neurotoxic to begin with. That one child develops encephalopathies from a vaccine and another remains "normal" is not the issue. All children are affected, but some are affected more than others. For example, if a child develops uncontrolled high pitched crying after a vaccine is given, that is written off as a normal reaction and is even listed in medical texts as such. But if that same child has a slower speech development, slower learning (which is so common today), or slower ability in walking, who would know. Unvaccinated children walk sooner, talk sooner, and have a high degree of manual dexterity at an earlier age. Their minds are not assaulted by the neurotoxins that most "normal" children receive. Vaccinations cause the brain to swell and that is "encephalitis", regardless of diagnosis. During the period after vaccines are given children often lose their soft spot in their cranium, as the swelling increases. Why would oneís brain swell after vaccines were given? The four points of infection are pain (dolor), redness (color), fever (rubor) and swelling (tumor). Infections of the brain might produce these same points too.

Vaccines Against Natural Processes

Vaccines are against natural processes and thwart our bodyís natural abilities to fight off disease. By suppressing our immunity vaccines actually make more diseases available to our body. Normal diseases enter the body by first contacting our nasal or oral mucosa. White blood cells are then activated to move and respond to those invading pathogens. The white blood cells increase movement in response to chemotaxis and will leave the blood vessels to enter the area where they are needed.

Fortunately, for our sake, the pathogen is inactivated before it ever enters our body. Blocking our immune system in no way makes sense considering the vast numbers of pathogens available today. Vaccinated children suffer more infection, colds ear infections, and rhinitis than unvaccinated children as a likely consequence of vaccinations. Unvaccinated children stand a much better chance at avoiding disease, because their immune system has not been tampered with.

Our fear of disease is heightened in the doctorís office, when skewed statistics are quoted and diseases are seen as our enemies. The reality of life is omitted when nutrition [the only way our body has to boost immunity] is debased and belittled. Herbs are seen as dangerous and any method of health [curing] other than allopathy is attacked. People receive dangerous concoctions our of a fear produced for the sole purpose of selling vaccines. Vaccines go against every ounce of common sense that God gave us. Injection of toxic agents to produce health is not sensible at all. There are many references of vaccines to immune damage, brain damage, cancer, and loss of health, even life. Vaccines are the greatest farce ever placed upon a civilized community. But letís not forget they are very profitable and their profit is in keeping people sick.

Letís look at some facts:
1) During the bubonic plague not every body died and the four thieves stole from dead bodies with out disease. [Their "trick" was to use garlic.]

2) During serious outbreaks of strept-throat in this country, not every one gets the disease, but nearly everyone harbors the pathogens.

3) Even the most feared polio was eliminated in one town (Charlotte, NC) in 1949 by Ben Sandler and nutritonal changes. Elizabeth Kenny also was able to treat many cases of paralytic polio, with complete recovery. Allopathic treatment led to permanent paralysis.

4) Vaccinated children get disease at the same rate as the unvaccinated children. Therefore, there is literally no advantage from taking a vaccine ... considering the damage that they cause.

5) Many doctors refuse to vaccinated their own children. [Shows that some doctors have common sense.]

6) How can a depressed immunity be advantageous to our health? All vaccines depress immunity.

7) Vaccine Mathematics: Our immune system is finite. We have a limited number of white blood cells and a limited ability to produce white blood cells. Now making our body react to an innocuous childhood virus like measles or mumps leaves our body unable to defend itself against other viruses which are far worse. If one is to be prepared for disease, it only makes sense to give our body super nutrition and let our body deal with the diseases naturally. We may be depressing our immunity in trying to fight off one disease, that we insure that we get another disease instead. For example, how many of varieties of flu viruses are there; yet we take only two or three in one flu shot. Viruses have the ability to mutate at will and we will never keep up with them by trying to create the proper antibodies before hand. Koch said that viruses were like a stack of cards, shuffle the deck and get a new virus each time. Yet, taking vaccines insures us of having the "deck" stacked against us.

The authors stated, "A single vaccination of animals with diphtheria-tetanus vaccine caused changes in non-specific resistance of the organism to influenza of phasic character: a reduction of resistance to influenza was observed at the early periods after the vaccination, with its subsequent restoration to the initial level and increase at the remote periods after the immunization. Immunization of children with diphtheria-tetanus vaccine also led to a short-term reduction non-specific resistance to influenza and acute respiratory diseases during the second decade after the vaccination, and its subsequent increase at periods from the 40th to the 60th day." [ But was the subsequent increase equal to or greater than that level of resistance before the vaccine was given ...]

Vaccines can change the bodyís functions and metabolism in many important ways, but none are for the better. If we depress out thyroid, which controls our basal metabolism and core temperature, we are many conditions right for degeneration to present. Altering vital body functions are not beneficial to us. Only nutrition can boost our immunity against disease (not for) and vaccines can depress that immunity. While decreased resistance is one of the "risks" associated with vaccines, the benefits of those vaccines hardly weight the difference. Health comes only by living a healthy lifestyle in accordance with nature and getting proper nutrients the body needs. Vaccines Prevent Health!



Once a person sees the truth, the whole picture, and the real world surrounding the abominable process of vaccination, they can never go back to darkness ever again. We fear disease, but we should fear manís attempt at eradicating disease. To give one another disease to get rid of one disease is not a fair trade. Allopathy is pathetic medicine because causing cancer by "preventing" many innocuous childhood diseases is not a fair trade-off. Allowing our immunity to be thwarted by toxic shots is not the answer to disease prevention. Vaccines prevent health, by depressing the immunity and setting the stages for cancer and many other terrible disorders, including AIDS. Vaccinations have been linked to brain damage, learning disorders, autism, allergies, auto-immune disorders, leukemia, meningitis, Diabetes, encephalitis, and many diseases only to name a few. The very important decision is our own, therefore, we have the duty to learn about vaccinations and the right to just say no - if we so desire. Getting one-sided information in the doctors office and then agreeing to toxic shots -vaccinations- is not being informed properly. Mis-information is worse than no information! It is our body and our choice; therefore, choose wisely, choose health!
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