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 Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme
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Posted - 01/21/2007 :  21:00:26  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
John (father of Anna ) and I have a meeting with Anne McGuire MP for Works and Pension. On the 29th January. She is responcible for the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. We would like to see changes in the policy. The main one being the inclusion of applications from parents of children under the age of two. Why should they be excluded?
e mail me.

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 01/22/2007 :  09:27:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Below is the response from the Department for Work and Pensions of which my sister is referring to. We assume at this stage it is just an oversight. But if you are considering vaccinating your child who is under two years old and you read this I can imagine your deep concern and disblief at how the government reacts to those that have chose to believe the government doctrine. It does appear that what the government is trying to tell us is that you should wait until your child is over two years old before vaccinating if you should chose to do so at all!

Ref NINO VP 00 61 41 X

Vaccine Damage
Payment Unit

Palatine House
Lancaster Road

phone number 01772 899944
fax number 01772 899873
Textphone 01772899489
Website www.direct.gov.uk
Date 06 June 2006

Dear Mr. Duncan

About Your Claim For a Vaccine Damage Payment

We received your claim for a payment under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 on 30/05//2006.

I am sorry to tell you that your claim has been unsuccessful.

This is because claims can only be considered once a child reaches two years of age.

Unfortunately, Anna was under the age of 2 when she passed away

Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 sect 2(1 )(c)

What To Do If The Information We Have Used To Make The Decision Is Wrong

If the information we have used is incorrect and Anna was in fact 2 years of age when she passed away please let us know so that we can consider reversing our decision.

The time limit for requesting a reversal is 6 years from the date of this letter. This means that you have until 06/06/2012.

What To Do If You Disagree With This Decision

If you disagree with the decision you can appeal to the Tribunal Service. You can do this by writing to the Vaccine Damage Payments Unit.

The Tribunal Service look at your claim afresh, to see if the decision was correct. There is no time limit for requesting such an appeal.

You can email us at CAU-VDPU@dwp.gsi.gov.uk We are open: - Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Linda Willis
Vaccine Damage Payments Unit

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Posted - 01/22/2007 :  14:35:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is madness, I see nothing has changed since I tried for vaccine damage about 10 years ago for my son.

If a child has a vaccine at 2 months, then a family should be able to claim from that day, if the child is damaged.

This brings back lots of memories for me, they twisted my words at the tribunal, and when I tried to corect them, they didnt listen, my sons leg had a lump the size of a golfball on it, but they reduced it to marble sized, when I tried to correct them, they just moved on

My son is nearly 13 now, and never had the justice he deserves, I hope eventually you can win your fight

Fight on
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Posted - 01/23/2007 :  00:05:01  Show Profile  Visit Joan's Homepage  Reply with Quote
This is shocking. I shake my head in disbelief. I had a similar letter sent to me from the Vaccine Damage Unit early 2000 but there was no mention of this 2 year malarkie. I have till 2008 to appeal. When this this 2 year limit law come in ? I know of a woman who got compensation for one of her twins when they sadly died after the MMR. Her other twin was not well at the time so she did not bring him for his MMR. How can she be paid out and not you. Do parents know this when they bring their child for umpteen vaccinations before the age of 2 that they are not covered or helped if their child has a devestating reaction to any jag. I thought it rather cruel how they mentioned the passing of Anna so matter of factly.
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 01/23/2007 :  20:34:36  Show Profile  Visit john's Homepage  Send john an AOL message  Reply with Quote
they have 3 vaccines before 2 years http://www.mmrthefacts.nhs.uk/basics/schedule.php

amazing, but only one out of 171 cases succeeded in 2000, 1 in 4 2005, whereas it is 1 in 4 USA I think, which says it all. http://www.whale.to/vaccines/vdpu8.html
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Posted - 01/24/2007 :  12:47:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This absurd ruling would appear to confirm my own (and many others) findings about how the state compensates, or not, for medically-induced illness and for medical accidents.

In theory at least, there is access to justice for those who have suffered through medical mishaps. There is the vaccine compensation fund for vaccine damage, and legal aid for children injured by medical mishaps so their parents can pursue compensation for their injuries.

How reassuring, we feel, as we submit our children to the needle or the knife, there is access to justice if things go wrong. We wouldn't put so much trust into their hands otherwise, would we?

Sadly, these compensation bodies are not what they seem. Rather than providing a lifeline, they are more like sticky honey catchers. The unsuspecting vitims - rightly angry at their losses and ever hopeful of justice - are easy prey. They fall into the bowels of a large, thriving industry which exists, not to grant compensation, but to cover-up medical mishap, deny compensation and line the pockets of those who work in this thriving and highly profitable medico-legal industry.

Make no mistake, there are plenty feeding at the trough. The large NHS hospital trust complaints departments, the medical negligence lawyers, the medical expert witnesses and many more. They profit from others' misfortunes and are happy to help themselves handsomely to the limitless funding available for such purposes (courtesy of the tax payer). Strange how, when it comes to compensation for the victims, the vultues have helped themselves and there is next to nothing left.

I think it is important that those who use the health service understand what kind of accountability there is when things go wrong, how the system works and where a lot of their hard-earned money in taxes goes.

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 01/25/2007 :  18:44:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
these people know that vaccines are damaging are children and also killing them they think we are stupid.putting an age limit on it confirms it . why else . they have all there vaccines under two and then they so say have there boosters .nobody i know has ever heard of this including myself until this happens to you.we just keep listening to the doctors i think we should all be telling the public the less people having there children vaccinated the better.perhaps if we all make a stand together we could start changing things .they are not going to listen to one or two people.if the public see us all and we shout loud enough perhaps then they might take notice.when you mention fathers for justice we all no them and what they are about.i think that if we tell every one that you cant claim before the aqe of two most people would wait.after all what does a few months matter.talking to blair and the health department has done nothing its time to change things .we dont want our georgie or anna to have died for nothing . by georgies mum
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Posted - 01/30/2007 :  13:04:56  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Parents of children who are vaccine damaged and fail to reach the age of 24 months have no rights to claim for Vaccine Damage payments. Is this sending out a message of confidence in the goverments vaccination programme? Currently 25 injection are recommended before 24 months.
Anne McGuire acknowledges that we had made a fair point and she has agreed to look in to it.
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Posted - 01/31/2007 :  22:50:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Of course, it could just be that the age limits for compensation have been deliberately set to exclude the vast majority of children who are likely to have adverse reactions....like I said, the state does not want to have to admit to adverse reactions to medical procedures. It wants even less to fork out money in compensation to victims. So, in practice, the vaccine damage scheme is rather like the legal aid funding available to help access justice - it looks good on paper, but in practice provides anything but access to justice.
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 04/22/2008 :  14:48:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
wooo I didnt realise this was the case: truly shocking

as the 5 in 1 & the MMR is all administered before the age of 2 this is effectively saying you have to have proven adverse reaction after the jab then wait to make a claim, if the child dies as a result tough luck...

or the hard nose side of it... they believe their own propaganda that vaccines are completely safe & therefore such a compensation scheme is "for show" only

or more likely, the figures of successful claimants are then used as statistical evidence for the levels of damage caused by vaccines. what a result for the spinning of politics!!

anyone smell a big rat: ??? they must know that vaccine damage is more likely to occur in a child under 2 & dont want to pay out

so what are we left with?? effectively compensation for vaccine damage from booster injections.

what a travesty im shocked that in this country money is put before health & all the while we are being drip fed the "must have your child vaccinated - its safe" line

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Posted - 04/25/2008 :  19:55:06  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I would be interested to know how Anne McGuire justified the paltry pay-out received even by those who receive the "full" compensation.

The government pays out more than twice as much to injured soldiers (who at least have had 18 years of normal life), though this too pales in comparison to the amount received from insurers or civil courts following car accidents (or being shot by a British soldier in Iraq). Babies who are brain damaged by failings in maternity units can receive millions in damages for their care so why do babies brain injured by vaccines have to get by on 130k?

My sister received the "full" payment for brain damage which she suffered over 50 years ago - works out at about 2.5k a year. We keep most of the money in the bank as a safety net in case the authorities try to send her back to the brutal mental hospital we rescued her from 20 years ago. We figure her compensation could fund a year in a private hospital while we fight her case. Had she been properly compensated we would have control over how and where she was cared for and a lot less worry about the future.

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Posted - 05/03/2011 :  18:16:41  Show Profile  Send MrsW an AOL message  Reply with Quote
I was vaccine damaged at6 months old. Because of the rules about accessing medical records, i did not know about this until i was 26. i could not claim, and still cannot, even though I couldnt have known how my disability was caused at 18 or 21 years old. Has anyone had a similar experience? Can anyone help?
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 05/10/2011 :  01:03:37  Show Profile  Send freecheesecompany an AOL message  Reply with Quote
has anybody been successful with a vaccine damage payment claim recently?
did they use a solicitor?
is anybody interested in class action?
is the US if you use the term Autism they generally don't pay the claim so what about brain inflamation or mercury poisoning.
we just got our son's metals test back and his mercury was off the scale.
this is very much david v goliath however I remember that david won.
I would be happy for somebody to contact me on gregorytelford@hotmail.com
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Posted - 02/22/2012 :  11:27:53  Show Profile  Send flatliner an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Had suspected vaccine damage at age 1 and a half,after measels vaccine ,sensorineural deafness and brain effects possible immune effects,didnt find out till I was 32 after getting my medical records for benefit appeal,I submitted a claim but i was outside the 21 year time limit which you cant get around i dont think,was told you can try a claim in tort ie medical negligence or harder still go after the drug company,I only really submitted mine for research and to make it real,hoped it would help with a claim for incapacity benefit as part of the puzzle,as im unwell today with a fatigue based illness.
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