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United Kingdom
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Posted - 02/17/2006 :  10:20:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Got this today from Thyroid UK. It is a petition to abolish the GMC. But it is not just the thyroid doctors who have suffered [and thence the public]. Their actions could affect us greatly as well. i. e. Andrew Wakefield. Seonaid

" Please click on the following link below and sign the online petition if you
feel that the General Medical Council should be abolished. I have sent this
link to 236 internet support groups asking their 'leaders' to pass this to
their members. Please pass this on to any of the support groups you are a
member of and ask your friends and family to sign it too.

Both Dr. Peatfield and Dr. Skinner, among many doctors, have suffered under
the hands of this organisation for daring to make their patients well again.
As a consequence, medical practitioners within the NHS have become afraid
that they too will be reported to the GMC, who will remove their medical
registration should they dare to give their patients a diagnosis of
hypothyroidism and treatment if their blood test results are returned within
the so called 'normal' reference ranges. It is the health of ALL hypothyroid
patients that is being put at risk because of the GMC. Please help all
hypothyroid patients by signing this Petition.


Sheila "


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Posted - 03/01/2006 :  14:14:06  Show Profile  Visit Apply4Cash.co.uk's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Dear Comrades-in-arms,

Just to let you know that one extremely sensible Medical Doctor who was seriously victimized by the General Medical Council (GMC) has since turned into a Global Financier of some exceedingly influential sort . . . and some of the proceeds from his newly found wealth have somehow ethically found their way into the 'Abolish the General Medical Council (GMC)' Campaign .

The maverick 'Abolish the General Medical Council (GMC)' Campaign Blogsite is currently located at [url]http://abolishthegmc.blogspot.com[/url] and seems to be a one-stop resource for everything 'Anti-GMC' . . .

Thankfully , the 'Abolish the GMC ' Network cheekily even puts you in contact those who can swiftly help you put your personal finances in order - as successfully fighting the GMC does not come cheap these days !

You heard it here first !!!

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John Stone

United Kingdom
1254 Posts

Posted - 03/02/2006 :  14:50:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
So far the most vociferous supporters of abolishing the GMC have not been the friends of Andrew Wakefield or Jayne Donegan but the supporters of Roy Meadow and David Southall, and very particularly medical people who do not want their expert evidence challenged.



It would probably be fair to say that as a group these medical campaigners are generally insensitive the possibility of iatrogenic damage being the cause of death in infants, and relatively keen to lay shaken baby syndome and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy type accusations against parents. It would be wrong to see the GMC as the defenders of those parents, but I suggest people are careful about who they get involved with if they want to campaign for its abolition.
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Posted - 03/02/2006 :  16:05:27  Show Profile  Visit Apply4Cash.co.uk's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I have just contacted the Abolish the General Medical Council (GMC) Blogmeister at [url]http://abolishtheGMC.blogspot.com[/url] .

He has advised that none of the people mentioned by John Stone have anything whatsoever to do with the UNIFIED "Abolish the General Medical Council (GMC)" Campaign which he is currently running.

The Blogmeister also warned that the General Medical Council (GMC) has dramatically sent its unscrupulous agents into most of the other Abolish the General Medical Council (GMC) Networks , purely to cause profound disunity and woeful distress : It is therefore wise for JABS not to be hoodwinked by these utterly ruthless wolves in Sheep's Clothing !

While it is exceedingly candid to respect the views of John Stone and other parties - please understand that there are almost 500 WARRING fringe groups who actively want to see the General Medical Council (GMC) urgently abolished . . . It is therefore extremely wrong to talk of the GMC Abolition Project as if it is one 'lovey-dovey' homogenous grouping. IF IT WAS , THEN THE GMC WOULD HAVE EASILY BEEN ABOLISHED AGES AGO !!!

The whole Abolish the GMC Project is infact so outstandingly diverse and exquisitely complicated that [url]http://abolishtheGMC.blogspot.com[/url] is trying very hard to give each of these countless stakeholders as much publicity as it can - while still ethically maintaining a highly balanced view of events.

It is also pertinent to note that there are also millions and millions of hardworking British Citizens who also quite rightfully want to see the disgraceful back of the GMC for a wealth of other extremely candid reasons too: They additionally would also like to be publicly heard too.

Without wanting to join issues with John Stone, the Blogmeister of [url]http://abolishtheGMC.blogspot.com[/url] would like to make it abundantly clear that the most prominent Abolish the GMC Campaign (ie that located at [url]http://abolishtheGMC.blogspot.com[/url] is in total support all those who have been corruptly abused by the GMC - especially Drs Wakefield ,Skinner...and Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield ( SEE : [url]http://abolishthegmc.blogspot.com/2006/01/abolish-general-medical-co_113820433518640774.html[/url] ) - This unflinching support was publicly expressed long before anyone in JABS had ever even heard of [url]http://abolishtheGMC.blogspot.com[/url]!!!

[url]http://abolishtheGMC.blogspot.com[/url] is also in support of most of the causes of JABS (Justice Awareness and Basic Support) in all their entirety.

Professors Meadow and Southall may have their faults - but it is lawfully believed that the GMC also ruthlessly abused them too . . and since [url]http://abolishtheGMC.blogspot.com[/url] is an ethical web log [url]http://abolishtheGMC.blogspot.com[/url] was duty bound to highlight that fact too...in addition to advising all those alleged victims of 'Roy M' and 'David S' to legally pursue the GMC accordingly over it's monstrously shabby handling of the whole damned affair.

Whatever the angle of approach it is evident that the bottomline is pure and simple : THE UTTERLY SHAMELESS (AND WOEFULLY INCOMPETENT) GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL IS PUTTING MILLIONS OF HUMAN LIVES AT RISK .

So the GMC must go . . . and go very quickly indeed.

The longer the GMC remains as it currently stands - the worse it will be for us all


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John Stone

United Kingdom
1254 Posts

Posted - 03/02/2006 :  16:57:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am delighted with Apply4Cash's re-assurance that this campaign does not wish to be associated with the people I have identified. I do have a concern that people are being asked to put their name to something when the sponsors ar not identifying themselves.
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Posted - 03/02/2006 :  17:43:41  Show Profile  Visit Apply4Cash.co.uk's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Dear John Stone,

Many thanks for your recent response about the Identity of the Sponsor(s) of [url]http://abolishthegmc.blogspot.com[/url]

The Blogmeister of the Abolish the General Medical Council (GMC) Campaign sited at [url]http://abolishthegmc.blogspot.com[/url] has personally told me that he has humbly come to the exceedingly ethical conclusion that [url]http://abolishthegmc.blogspot.com[/url] is actually being run and sponsored by at least 80 million highly concerned British Citizens liberally scattered across the globe

For the 'Abolish the General Medical Council (GMC) Project' to succeed it must have GLOBAL PUBLIC OWNERSHIP - NOT PRIVATE OVERINFLATED EGOS !!! Hence the Blogmeister's highly remarkable lack of Self-Aggrandizement

Thankfully, the GMC is painfully wallowing in utter Chaos - and has just unprecedentedly fired the Overall Chairman of it's Fitness To Practise (FTP) Committee . . . Yes the 'Trout-Faced' Dizzy Old Hag from UpTown Oxfordshire . . . !!!

Visit the GMC Press Office website NOW to see how suavely a new GMC FTP Chairman was maverickly appointed yesterday . . . and don't forget to fire off a cheeky little BMJ rapid response graciously congratulating the 'totally sacked' GMC FTP Committee 'Scapegoat-in-Chief' for her alarmingly corrupt services to Medical Regulation . . .


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