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United Kingdom
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Posted - 04/01/2012 :  00:58:32  Show Profile  Send snailz an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Hi i was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding single vaccines, i know everyone has different opinions and i would love to hear them. dd1 has severe autism, because of this i have chosen to pay private for seperate vaccines for dd2. i do not agree with the combined one's. what i need to know is, which one's are the most important, i would prefer total vaccine free but i understand how this can be dangerous. its all very confusing to me, the ones im thinking of are dtap, hib and prevnar. dd2 is 4 months old and has had none to date. which should i do first? what age? and how far apart? thankyou for any help.


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Posted - 04/02/2012 :  17:53:05  Show Profile  Send topaz an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Your understanding that vaccine free can be dangerous is very much due to a lot of scaremongering going on such as we have just seen with the swine flu. The GPs that refused to administer the swine flu vaccine have been proven correct on that one. Blown up out of all proportion allowing pharmaceutical companies to make large profits at the expense of hapless vaccine induced narcolepsy victims.

Sadly many mothers especially have had their babies injected with a dangerous cocktail of toxins and virus in the belief that their children will maintain good health. This in my opinion is wishful thinking.
I have looked closely at the ingredients of vaccines and I am very alarmed at the predictable trend of ill health with many children now being realised today, especially concerning behavior/developmental aspects that have been admitted in some countries but never the UK.
In Japan when vaccine was stopped for the under two year olds there were less recorded damage due to vaccination.

I would like to go further than that and see a ban on vaccination altogether especially because they create in the human body an increased susceptibility to bacterial infection as indicated by recent statistics for the rise of such infections. We cannot go on like this, with our athletes going to the Olympics refusing to shake hands with anyone for fear of bacteria.

Thus we need to stop vaccination and address this issue because the following is the crux of the problem.

1) Aluminium as adjuvant in vaccines causes reduced oxygen circulation in the blood and to the extremities due to burdening biochemical reactions. This is ongoing for many years because of the super charged nature of aluminium. Mercury toxicity in dental fillings and vaccines can only enhance this effect and lets not forget flouride in toothpaste and drinking water. Fatal bacterial infections propagate aggressively in oxygen deficient tissue.

2) Antibiotics such as neomycin make up part of the MMR vaccine which I find is a completely and utterly irresponsible addition especially when given to so many children. If the vaccine is contaminated by live bacteria they will be antibiotic resistant and injected into hundreds of children. Also if the children are harbouring bad bacteria, as they do, at the time of vaccination they may well become antibiotic resistant in this way also.

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 04/06/2012 :  02:18:17  Show Profile  Send snailz an AOL message  Reply with Quote
hi thankyou for your reply. i was just wondering about your comment regarding toothpaste, i didnt even consider this to be an issue, do you think i should i stop using it on my daughter who has autism, could this be making her worse? also if i didnt give dd2 any vaccines, what would her chances be of survival against whooping cough as it scares me so much
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Posted - 04/17/2012 :  13:07:25  Show Profile  Send topaz an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Flouride is classified as a toxin and is not supposed to be swallowed. The amount of flouride deemed safe enough to clean teeth with means a very very small dob of toothpaste. If swallowed over the recommended safety limits medical help should be requested. Flouride increases the toxicity of aluminium given to children as a deliberate act of inflammation of their immune system with vaccines.

Recently by Dietert et al postulated that chronic diseases including ME/CFS may develop later on in life after an ‘early life insult’. This hypothesis considers the possibility that foetal and early life exposure to ‘environmental toxins, maternally-administered drugs, infections or from postnatal exposure to toxicants, infectious agents and allergens’ can lead to Developmental Immunotoxicity (DIT).

Whooping cough is generating more fear since the advent of vaccination.

Professor Lyn Gilbert, who is the director of the Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology at Sydney's Westmead Hospital, says the strain is breaking through the protection of vaccines. “What we suspect, although it's circumstantial evidence at this stage, is that one of the reasons that there has been a significant increase in Australia and many other countries in the last few years is that this strain is not affected as much by the vaccine as the older strains were,” she said. “So that it's been able to sort of break through the protection offered by the vaccines.”

Whooping Cough Outbreaks in Vaccinated Children Become More and More Frequent

The risks of the pertussis vaccine are serious. Extremely high temperatures, high pitched keening cries indicative of encephalitis, convulsions, and brain inflammation are all devastating effects suffered by some children. Unfortunately, we do not know the prevalence of these adverse effects, as they are not consistently recorded.

We do know that babies who die from the effects of encephalitis, convulsions, and brain inflammation are rarely recorded as vaccine induced deaths—but, as many parents can attest, many of them are.

Since 1933, the pertussis vaccine has been associated with sudden infant death syndrome, also called crib or cot death. How many cases of cot death are caused by the vaccine? That's a good question, because it's generally treated as having an unknown cause.

The relative value of a vaccine that's known to have limited benefit and causes severe adverse reactions is difficult to calculate without honest studies to determine the risks of the vaccine. However, with the rising rate of autism and other neurological deficits in children, along with the studies on baby monkeys by Dr. Wakefield demonstrating neurological dysfunction in vaccinated newborns, there is good reason to refuse the pertussis vaccine as too dangerous.

What Is Causing These Outbreaks?

So, what do we really know about the increasing outbreaks of whooping cough? The only statement that can be made with clarity is that vaccinations are failing.

If pertussis vaccinations ever worked, then they are losing effectiveness. If they never worked, then something is making us more susceptible to whooping cough. There are many possible reasons for this:

The vaccinations could be causing the evolution of new strains of whooping cough.
The vaccinations could be damaging the immune system, making us more susceptible to whooping cough.
The pertussis vaccinations could be opening the door for the sister disease, parapertussis.

What we know about these outbreaks is minimal. We don't even know which bacteria are associated with them. However, we do know that, if pertussis vaccinations ever did work, they are losing effectiveness. As we've seen in antibiotic resistant microbes, more virulent diseases are replacing those that the original antibiotics treated. Could this be happening with whooping cough?

We are still in the early stages of the changing whooping cough scene. The current medical paradigm will not support open research into the reason for these new epidemics. After all, they claim that it would be "unethical" to do placebo testing of vaccines. Obviously, they have simply been assuming that vaccines are effective. No vaccine has ever been tested in the manner that modern medicine insists is the gold standard!


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