Dr Gerhard Buchwald M.D. Vaccination A Business based on Fear (ISBN 3-89189-044-3)

This book addresses three themes:

1. Childhood illnesses resp. infectious diseases.
2. The vaccinations aimed at these diseases.
3. The damage caused by these vaccinations.

In regard to 1: According to the statistics of the Federal Office for Statistics in Wiesbaden the following deaths from infectious diseases occured in Germany - a country of 80 million people - in 1992:
Diphtheria:                    2
Meningitis:                    3
Whooping cough:         3
Poliomyelitis:                5
Measles:                       6
Influenza:                   250
Tuberculosis:         1135

In regard to 2: this favourable situation in regard to epidemics is not the consequence of vaccinations as is claimed. The graphs shown in the book are proof that the above mentioned infectious diseases declined a long time - some of them 200 years - before vaccinations were introduced against them. All the graphs show a similar decrease. This decrease slows when vaccination is introduced. Sometimes the graph even shows an increase in the first years after the introduction of the vaccine. The graphical representations of the statistics therefore make the negative influence of the introduction of vaccines visible.

In regard to 3: The instances of damage caused by vaccinations, as well as the above mentioned facts, are either kept from the public - or they are denied. The damage and the deaths caused by vaccination are written off as "pure coincidence", as something which would have occurred anyway, even without vaccination. Often damage is trivialised by claiming that vaccine damage occurs only very, very rarely, or the damage is covered up by naming as the cause the most unlikely syndroms which can only be found in special literature. Most people do not know what form vaccine damage may take. For this reason the 12,000 claims for compensation for vaccine damage registered with the welfare offices of Germany's 16 states are only the tip of an iceberg. Most of the damaged children disappear in institutions. The actual numbers is considerably higher. The bottom line is that this "public health measure" is BIG BUSINESS:


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