Christina J Head MCH, Rs.Hon.

(The Lavender Hill Homeopathic Centre, 33 Ilminster Gardens, London SW11 1PJ )

AN EDUCATED DECISION 'One Approach to the Vaccination Problem Using Homeopathy'

The British government strongly advocates mass vaccination as the way to eliminate childhood diseases. This directive is forcefully presented to parents through their local clinics, GPs and health workers as the only way to ensure that their children remain healthy as they grow. It is one way of dealing with the problem, but not the only way.

Unfortunately, the medical Establishment can be, and often is, very blinkered when it comes to new ideas. Parents who do not want to vaccinate their children are mede to feel guilty, irresponsible and uncaring, and are often branded by their GPs as difficult. They are told that if they do not vaccinate their children, they will be responsible for causing future epidemics which will affect the health of the children of all those "responsible" parents who did vaccinate. The government has even gone to the length of financially penalising GPs who do not get a certain percentage of vaccinations completed in their community. The pressure on parents to have these vaccinations done is enormous. The arguments put forward are frightening and damning at the same time and it takes a strong person to say "no" to the orthodox methods.

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