How to End the Autism Epidemic: Revealing the Truth About Vaccines

By J.B. Handley


How to End the Autism Epidemic presents an intellectual, fact-based argument on how vaccines trigger autism, drawing on scientific evidence that has emerged in the past five years from researchers outside the United States. In it, author J.B. Handley confronts and dismantles the most common rhetoric from the AAP and CDC: 1. Vaccines are safe and effective. 2. The rate of autism isn t actually increasing. 3. The science is settled. Handley then presents his argument for where the truth actually lies: 1. The Department of Health and Human Services Vaccine Compensation Program has actually acknowledged that vaccines do cause autism and he lays out the legal proceedings in which this happened. 2. Scientific evidence in mounting that links autism-triggering immune activation to the aluminum adjuvant used in most vaccines, including findings of elevated levels of aluminum in the brains of autopsied autistic children and adults. 3. Research has shown parents to be highly reliable reporters of their children s wellness and while these experiences are often dismissed, thousands have reported and documented their children s vaccine injuries for campaigns such as Hear This Now and the Vaxxed Bus. Also of note: Big Pharma is expected to be worth $60 billion by 2020, compared to $170 million in the early 1980s, a 350-fold increase.* In the 1960s, the CDC vaccine schedule called for 5 total vaccines. Today it s 72.* Autism rates have gone from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970s to 1 in 36 today.* In 2009, Julie Gerberding left her position as the head of the CDC, where she presided over both a massive explosion in the number of vaccines and a massive explosion in cases of autism, to head up Merck.While his argument is unsparing, Handley s position is ultimately moderate: We must continue to investigate the safety of vaccines, we must adopt a position of informed consent, and every vaccine must be considered on its own merits.

Vaccine Free - 111 stories of unvaccinated children

by Andreas Bachmair


Vaccine Free – 111 Stories of Unvaccinated Children is a moving testament to the power of the body to take care
of itself and the trust that people put in that natural process. 
In this book, based on research with more than 15000 participants from all over the world, you will find stories 
of families who investigated the vaccine topic carefully and thoroughly because they love and want to protect their children. 
These stories will educate you to not follow public opinion and propaganda but rather question what is happening 
and become informed when making decisions that pertain to the health of your children and our future generations.


Silenced Witnesses 

The Parents’ Story

The denial of vaccine damage by Government, Corporations and the Media. Written by the parents.

In July 2007 the General Medical Council, the regulatory body for doctors in Britain, began a ‘trial’ of Dr Andrew Wakefield,Professor John Walker-Smith and Professor Simon Murch. The three doctors were charged under some seventy headings after having published the conclusion of research and clinical practice that suggested a link between the MMR vaccine, bowel disease and regressive autism in some children.

The hearing was ordered by the New Labour government and the single complainant was a pro-MMR Sunday Times journalist. The GMC took almost four years to produce the evidence and the hearing itself  lasted over two and a half years, making it one of the longest quasi-legal proceedings in British history.

The parents of MMR vaccine damaged children who all support the three doctors, have not been allowed a voice in the GMC hearing because their complaint on behalf of their children is against the pharmaceutical companies, the New Labour government and the medical establishment. 


Silenced Witnesses. Vol. 1 & 2

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Written by the parents, and published by Slingshot Publications

With a complimentary copy of Alan Golding’s hour long DVD:
Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC.

ISBN 978 0 951 9646 6 8

Ed. Martin J Walker, 300 Pages, full index.

£10 per copy plus p&p (UK £2.50 Eur £4.15 Rest of World £6.50)

 Volumes I and II together: £20

The books can be ordered through the Slingshot web site:

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Callous Disregard

Autism and Vaccines - The Truth Behind A Tragedy

By Andrew J Wakefield

Callous Disregard

Conspiracy - or ruthless pragmatism? How the vaccine apparatchiks and medical self-interest groups deal with dissent.

Subject: Autism. Suspect: Vaccines. Victims: Children. Callous Disregard is the account of how a doctor confronted first a disease and then the medical system that sought and still seeks to deny that disease, leaving millions of children to suffer and a world at risk.

Dr Wakefield provides the facts and an explanation of the problem that confronted him and his colleagues 15 years ago. He does this in a detailed forensic analysis of the lies, obfuscation, cover-up, and dystopian science and medicine that panders to commercial interests at the expense of your children.


Vaccine Epidemic

By Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland

"...Public health officials state that vaccines are safe and effective, but the truth is far more complicated. Vaccination is a serious medical intervention that always carries the potential to injure and cause death as well as to prevent disease. Coercive vaccination policies deprive people of free and informed consent - the hallmark of ethical medicine...".


Just A Little Prick (JALP - 2006)

By Peter & Hilary Butler


Details how and why we started researching vaccines.  

The text spans events which took place in New Zealand from 1981, when our first son was born, to early 2006 just before the book was published.  Amongst the topics are whooping cough, diphtheria, hepatitis B, measles, meningitis, fever, influenza, SV40 and media incidents.  Sources are detailed as footnotes, from newspapers of the day, and their topically appropriate medical journal article.

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From One Prick To Another (FOPTA - 2008)

By Peter & Hilary Butler


Takes a slightly different approach, and contains different information to JALP.  

The book starts by looking at events which can seriously undermine a parent’s ability to make confident parenting decisions.  Peter writes an allegorical story looking at the more subtle aspects.  Rather than expose people, he exposes mindsets, and characteristics.  Hilary looks at the way the media and medical profession shape and trigger parents' fears and actions.  Vaccine testing, paracetamol, Gardasil, rotavirus, chickenpox,and Prevenar are looked at, among other issues. Sources are detailed as footnotes, from newspapers of the day, and their topically appropriate medical journal articles.

Thanks to Healthy Options for permission to scan the book review in Healthy Options September 2008.

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Fear of the Invisible

by Janine Roberts

Charles and Chris

"Are vaccines really effective, or are they worse than the illnesses they were created to combat? This book offers a thoroughly researched report on what really goes on behind the scenes of our so-called war on disease. " - D&D

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The Vaccine Papers

by Janine Roberts


'The Vaccine Papers documents the remarkable and worrying findings of an independent investigation by the prize-winning journalist Janine Roberts into the development and manufacture of today's vaccines.’

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Helen's Story 

by Rosemary Fox MBE

Product Details

'Having a happy, healthy child is what every expectant parent hopes and prays for. Imagine the devastation if your child is born healthy and, through medical misinformation, is transformed into a child that suffers permanent mental handicap and convulsions. This is what happened to Rosemary Fox shortly after her daughter, Helen, was born. As she sought explanations and compensation, she was told that she was damaging the vaccine programme and told to keep quiet. She refused, and campaigned to get the vaccination programme changed. This is an honest, disturbing and ultimately inspiring story which resulted in a complete reversal of Government policy.’

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The Truth About Vaccines: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Paperback) 

by Richard Halvorsen


'As we lurch from scare to scare about vaccines, we no longer fully trust what we are being told by doctors. In a series of investigations over seven years into all the new and commonly-prescribed vaccines (including HPV), autism, immune diseases and allergies, Dr Richard Halvorsen spoke to health officials, researchers, fellow doctors and parents. He discovered that vaccines are being given to children without knowing enough about them. Parents are regularly being misguided about vaccine effectiveness and their safety. Doctors are not being provided with the right information. They even live in fear of being seen to challenge perceived wisdom. Medical researchers often find that impartial vaccine research is impossible - those who dare speak-out, risk being discredited. By presenting all the original medical research in an easy, readable form, Dr Halvorsen allows parents to distinguish fact from fiction and make an informed decision about the right choice for their child. This new edition was expanded with two new chapters on autism and new medical and pharmaceutical research, and contains an alternative vaccination schedule for both NHS and private patients.’

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Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy

by David Kirby


'In the 1990s reported autism cases among American children began spiking, from about 1 in 10,000 in 1987 to a shocking 1 in 166 today. This trend coincided with the addition of several new shots to the nation's already crowded vaccination schedule, grouped together and given soon after birth or in the early months of infancy. Most of these shots contained a little-known preservative called thimerosal, which includes a quantity of the toxin mercury.

Evidence of Harm explores the heated controversy over what many parents, physicians, public officials, and educators have called an "epidemic" of afflicted children. Following several families, David Kirby traces their struggle to understand how and why their once-healthy kids rapidly descended into silence or disturbed behavior, often accompanied by severe physical illness. Alarmed by the levels of mercury in the vaccine schedule, these families sought answers from their doctors, from science, from pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, and finally from the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration-to no avail. But as they dug deeper, the families also found powerful allies in Congress and in the small community of physicians and researchers who believe that the rise of autism and other disorders is linked to toxic levels of mercury that accumulate in the systems of some children.....

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The Vaccination Nonsense: 2004 Lectures

by Dr Gerhard Buchwald M.D.


'A review by Dr Jayne Donegan: Dr. med. Gerhard Buchwald, born in 1920, was specialist for internal medicine and lung diseases. His son was tragically damaged by smallpox vaccine in 1958. Dr Buchwald fought for compensation in the German Courts for his own child and provided about 150 medical assessments of cases of vaccine damage for claims for compensation for other children allegedly damaged by vaccination. For four decades he campaigned tirelessly for freedom of information and freedom of choice concerning vaccinations. He has given about 500 lectures and has written about 200 scientific papers concerning vaccinations and damage caused by vaccinations.

This clearly and meticulously researched book is based on lectures given in 2004 on the subjects of, 'Vaccination and Vaccination Damage', 'Vaccination and Tuberculosis', Vaccination and Smallpox' and is illustrated with graphs and pictures. An excellent, common sense book written by a great man and a great doctor.'

The indispensable companion book is 'Vaccination ' A Business Based on Fear'; 'Impfen - Das Geschäft mit der Angst

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VACCINATION - 100 Years of Orthodox Research shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System

by Viera Scheibner Ph.D.

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'Dr Viera Scheibner is a retired Principal Research Scientist with a doctorate in Natural Sciences. During her distinguished career she published three books and some 90 scientific papers in refereed scientific journals in Australia and overseas.

This book is a concise summary of the results of orthodox medical research into vaccines and their effects. It aims to inform medical professionals, parents of small children and the general public about short and long-term dangerous side-effects, including brain damage and death, of vaccines; of the ineffectiveness of vaccines in preventing infectious diseases, as shown by epidemics in fully vaccinated populations; and the causal link between DPT and polio vaccines and cot death.’

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Coleman's Laws The Twelve Medical Truths You Must Know To Survive

by Vernon Coleman

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'Coleman's Laws is built around Vernon Coleman's twelve basic laws of medicine; laws which he has, over forty years, formulated for his own benefit, as a doctor, an observer and a patient and which now, for the first time, he shares with his readers. Coleman's twelve laws are illustrated with clinical anecdotes and reinforced with an utterly convincing barrage of scientific data.

Coleman's 1st Law of Medicine

If you are receiving treatment for an existing disease and you develop new symptoms then, until proved otherwise, you should assume that the new symptoms are caused by the treatment you are receiving.’

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VACCINATION A Parent's Dilemma

by Greg Beattie

original vaccination book

'A routine vaccination could kill or seriously injure your child. Or it could cause long-term health problems. This book asks the question: What benefit do we get from taking these risks? We're told that vaccines prevent diseases yet an extensive search through government statistics and medical reports reveals the opposite.

Find out in a thoroughly researched yet easy-to-read book why more and more parents are turning away from vaccination and choosing to raise their babies naturally. Find out also what the law says about these parents.’

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by Neil Z Miller


'Can mandatory vaccines trigger developmental disorders and autoimmune diseases? Are they responsible for an unprcedented rise in criminal activity and violent crime? Did AIDS originate from diseased monkey organs used to incubate polio vaccines? Are new viruses tested on unsuspecting vaccine recipients? How safe is your child from the near and long-term effects of these "miracle" shots?

Are vaccines really safe and effective? Read what the Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO) have to say. Find out what independant researchers have discovered. And listen to distraught mothers testifying before the Congressional Subcommittee on Health and the Environment regarding vaccine injury compensation. Then, you be the judge.’

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