Deborah Nash - In Memorium

Message from Jackie:

It is with a sad, aching heart that I have to inform you of the death of a very kind, considerate, lovely woman. A gentle woman with the heart of a lioness when it came to protecting her children, particularly David pictured with her. David's problems began four days after his MMR vaccination. She fought tirelessly to improve his quality of life; to understand him and help him make himself understood; to 'walk in his shoes' as she so poignantly described in her chapter from the book 'Silenced Witnesses' entitled 'In the Presence of Strangers'.

'....One cannot imagine how incredibly upsetting it can be to see your child scream, fight and behave like an animal, unable for example to accept comfort in the presence of strangers....No human being should suffer in the many ways that autistic children do without the hope of some investigation into the condition...'

'...On one particular occasion, I remember David erupting into a violent outburst. I was the nearest target so he charged at me, arms and legs flying. In the early days it was difficult to read the signs that a frenzied attack was imminent so I was unprepared, but after a struggle I managed to hold him away and push him towards the stairs. During the struggle David suddenly stopped for a moment and looked straight at me the same time a thought went through my head. If you don't understand Mum, if you're not on my side, then how can we expect anyone else to understand. From that day on I have tried to walk in David's shoes. I have tried to understand how he experiences the world and to keep him happy. Sometimes when he is being particularly difficult we all have to remember that none of this is his fault....'

I would like to express my sincere, heartfelt condolences to her husband Jeremy, their two children, family and friends on the tragic death of Deborah. A life cut short - far, far too soon.

I know she will be greatly missed by her family and friends. I would like them to know that she will be missed by everyone who knew her. Deborah is quite simply irreplaceable.

Jeremy if you happen to see this message, if there is anything any of us can do to help, please remember that in the vaccine-damaged world you are in the presence of friends. © John Fletcher 2012